Mac Pro 2019: All The Information We Have So Far About The Device

A new Mac Pro is expected to come out this year, and there aren’t many things that we know about it so far. A couple of years have passed since a Mac Pro has been released, and Apple users are anxiously waiting for more. After such a long break, the next device must be a good one in order to compensate for the hiatus.

It is not certain that a new Mac Pro will come out this year, but there are plenty of rumours and speculations which lead us to believe that Apple is working in fact at an updated Mac Pro.

Release date and price

Last year Apple did offer an interview to Tech Crunch, and the Mac Pro was also mentioned. Back then, the company announced that the Mac Pro won’t come out in 2018, which was true. Back then there were plenty of rumours which seemed to suggest that the Pro was going to be released that year. In that interview, Apple named the Pro a “2019 product”.

Therefore, there is a big chance that the new Mac Pro will be released this year. The product could already be in production. WWDC takes place in June and it would be perfect for the announcement. We don’t know yet how much the Mac Pro would cost.

A product for the artists

It appears that artists are a priority for Apple. The company wants to make sure that creative professionals enjoy using the new Mac Pro. In fact, Apple did hire some professionals in order to watch them use the hardware.

“We’ve been focusing on visual effects and video editing and 3D animation and music production,” John Ternus, VP of Hardware Engineering explained.

Watching them proved to be useful, as it allowed Apple to come up with many changes and improvements.

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