GBWhatsapp: How to Hide or Unhide a Contact

GBWhatsapp is the most popular mod for WhatsApp and there’s a good reason behind that. GBWhatsapp introduces a plethora of features to the chatting app that take its performances to the next level. Most of the features that GBWhatsapp introduces are fun to use such as the ability to copy or download a status. However, there are some features that will prove to be quite useful at times like being able to hide a WhatsApp contact.

With that being said, today we are going to show all GBWhatsapp users the steps that they need to follow in order to hide or unhide a contact from their friends list in GBWhatsapp. This feature is great for people who want to keep a secret or simply hide a contact from their smartphone so that the contact doesn’t get spotted by anyone. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Hide a Contact

  • Tap and hold on the contact that you wish to hide until it gets selected;
  • Tap on the three dot menu to access the “Settings” panel;
  • Select the “Hide” option;
  • Type in your passcode or input your unlock patter;
  • Select a recovery question;
  • Now the contact you picked will be hidden.

How to Unhide a Contact

If you hid someone from your GBWhatsapp friends list but now you want to make them appear back, then you should be happy to know that unhiding someone on GBWhatsapp is just as simple as making them disappear from the friends list.

  • Tap on the WhatsApp title bar (or your account name);
  • Type in your passcode or input your unlock pattern;
  • Tap and hold on the contact that you previously hid until it gets selected;
  • All that is left to do now is to tap on the three dot menu again and pick the “Marks as Visible” option.

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