Keep Your Android Apps Safe By Hiding Them

Your phone belongs to you, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t be able to take a peek at a certain point. Whether you borrow it to your friend for 5 minutes, or show a picture to a colleague, you never know what else they can find.

This is why it would be ideal to be able to hide applications. You don’t need to have a secret in order to keep apps hidden, it is a simple thing that can protect your privacy. Learning how to hide apps can also come in handy if your child also uses your device, and you want to keep certain apps off limits. Today we are going to present several ways to hide apps.

Using a launcher

A launcher can also allow you to hide any apps you want. Nonetheless, there might be some risks when using a launcher. If you want a fast and simple solution however, a launcher remains your best alternative.

You just need to search for launchers and find one that matches your needs. Then select the apps that you want to hide and that’s it.

Use a third party app

A launcher is not the only option. You can also use a 3rd party app. There are many apps that are designed to hide applications on your Android device. App Hider is a good example for that. The app looks exactly like a computer and you can set up a password that you will insert the same way you insert calculations.

The app allows you to hide apps, but it is also possible to remove them completely from the app drawer or create dual versions of said apps. App hider is not the only alternative out there, and there are many 3rd party apps that have the same function.

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