How Does The TutuApp Deal With The Anti-Piracy Policies Of Apple?

We all know that the App Store has some strict rules, and app developers must respect them. In fact, Apple has no problem when it comes to removing apps that aren’t respecting its policies. In fact, even the Tumblr app was removed from the App Store a couple of months ago.

These strict regulations are against everything the TutuApp represents. The app acts as a “dark version” of the App Store and it offers us all the apps that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Therefore, you might be wondering how does the TutuApp work on iOS.

Is The TutuApp in danger?

The TutuApp has everything that you might need. It comes with pirated versions of paid apps, as well as knock-offs. Nonetheless, there are also more risks when it comes to this app store. Apple is against this kind of stores, and it has already helped get rid of other offenders such as App Valley.

Nonetheless, the TutuApp is still going strong and Apple wasn’t able to do anything about it yet. More than that, it is very simple to install the TutuApp, and jailbreak is not needed. In order to install the app, you need to allow it to install an enterprise certificate on the device.

Enterprise certificates were allowed by Apple so that big companies can beta test apps, as well as distribute updates. Nonetheless, the TutuApp is taking advantage of this loophole so that users can install the software that isn’t normally allowed on iOS devices.

In fact, the interface of the TuTu App is quite similar to the one of the App Store, and we can find multiple similarities. For example, it come with the same star-rating system and it also allows user reviews for each app.

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