iPhone 11: What Will Apple Bring Next?

Every year comes with a new generation of iPhones, and Apple always managed to surprise us. There are a couple of months left until the 2019 iPhones will be revealed, and there are already plenty of speculations and rumours flying around.  The new devices are expected to be unveiled around September and October.

We have collected all the available details in one place. Here’s what we know so far.

Release date

At the moment there is no official release date. However, based on the release date of the previous iPhones, it is very likely that we will receive the new devices this autumn. A September or October reveal is very likely.

If Apple will respect the previous pattern, we should be able to pre-order the smartphones around mid-September. The big release should take a place a bit later. Many fans believe that an IFA 2019 release is very likely, especially since the event will take place in September.

Rumours and speculations

Since nothing has been officially confirmed so far, we have to look at the rumours which are available online. There are many reputable leakers which seemed to confirm certain details. For example, we know that Apple won’t release 5G phones this year, and we should expect 5G iPhones in 2020.

While the iPhone sales for 2018 weren’t as good as Apple hoped, this does not mean that the iPhones did not generate a huge profit. From July to September 2018 the company managed to sell about 50 million devices. This means that Apple has enough funds and we should expect some revolutionary changes for iPhone 11.

There are also some rumours that the upcoming iPhone will come with a major redesign. In 2019 we should also expect more than one model. Three models should come out, just like last year.

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