iPhone 2019: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhones

A new generation of iPhones will come out this year, and we couldn’t be more exciting. Last year, Apple offered its users three different models so that they can find something that matches their preferences. Back then we received the iPhone XS that had a 5.8-inch screen, the XS Max with a 6.5-inch display, and the iPhone XR.

Something similar is expected to take place in 2019. Three different models are expected to come out, and each one should act as a successor for one of the 2018 models. We do not have yet a name for the upcoming iPhones, although some believe that we will receive iPhone 11 this year.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but there are numerous speculations and leaks online, and some of them look quite believable. Let’s take a look at the details we have so far.


According to the rumors, the next 6.5-inch phone is supposed to come with a triple lens camera. Meanwhile, the other two models should have dual lens. It is a bit tricky to integrate a triple lens camera in terms of design.

The triple camera is supposed to bring numerous new features and improvements. For example, there should be an upgrade from 2X optical zoom to 3X optical zoom, as well as 3D sensing for augmented reality.

There are also many speculations about the notch. Since some say that the upcoming devices will come with True Depth, the notch should go through some changes as well. According to some speculations, the notch might be smaller, while others say that there will be notch as well.


There have also been some interesting rumors related to Pencil Support, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Nonetheless, this would be an interesting change.

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