Images Of The Samsung Galaxy A30 & A50 Have Been Leaked

If you want to learn more about the design of the 2019 Galaxy A series, you should be glad to find out that two models appear to have leaked. The Samsung Galaxy A30 and the Samsung Galaxy A50 can be admired in a couple of live photos.

The images show them in a retail store. Both devices come with the Infinity-U display, and they both have the new One UI software. We can’t be 100% certain that the pictures are real, but they do look quite believable.

How do the phones look like?

The pictures offer us all the information we might need when it comes to the two smartphones. In terms of design, we can see everything. The Samsung Galaxy A30 comes with a fingerprint sensor mounted on its back, unlike the Samsung Galaxy A50. However, this does not mean that the A50 does not have a fingerprint sensor. The device comes with an in-display sensor.

We do not know yet whether the sensor is ultrasonic-based or optical, but the optical option appears to be more likely, as the ultrasonic-based technology is newer and it would work better with a high-end product such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices.

If we take a closer look at the photos it becomes clear that the Samsung Galaxy A30 will be more accessible in terms of price, as it seems that it will have fewer features to offer. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has three rear-facing cameras, that come with a LED flash, as well as another camera that is supposed to act as a depth sensor. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy A30 has just two rear-facing cameras.

According to some reports that we have received so far, there will be a 16 MP main camera for the A30, as well as a 5 MP sensor, while the A50 will come with a 25 MP main camera, a 8 MP ultrawide module and the depth sensor.

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