Reasons Why The Samsung One UI Is One Of The Best Smartphone Software

The new One UI is supposed to be revealed really soon, and it appears that Samsung has prepared something nice for us this time. While the software is not out yet, it has already been tried out by a couple of testers. Based on their opinions, the One UI is great software.

In fact, some even say that the One UI is better than the software delivered by Google on the Pixel 3 phone. The major drawback remains the fact that it takes a lot of time to receive Samsung software updates.

The Samsung version of Android

The new One UI appears to be a reliable software. While it still has its minor flaws, the experience it manages to deliver is a great one. The customizations added by Samsung to the “pure” Android version are in fact quite enjoyable, and they improve the experience delivered by Samsung phones.

The One UI contains multiple elements. First of all, it brings the Android 9 pie, which allows you to access a ton of brand new features. The new One UI also comes with a major redesign. The update looks cleaner which is a good thing.

More than that, Samsung did introduce several new features. For example, users have a dark mode which can come in handy. There are many other features that you can discover on your own. There is another major change that comes with this update.

Apps come with big giant header text once you open them. If you open an app, the name of the app will show up in a big field that will cover the top half of your screen. While you scroll down the header becomes smaller until it disappears completely. This might sound strange at first, but it makes it easier to reach the button that you want, as it is automatically located in the bottom half of the screen. This is very helpful for devices that have a large display.

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