TuTuApp for iPhone – Apple is Looking to Remove the App

If there is one thing that we all can agree when it comes to Apple, then it has to be the fact that the Cupertino based tech giant is running its App Store with an “iron hand’. Even though Apple has to oversee more than two million apps and games that are listed on the App Store, Apple is always searching for software that might go against its ToS (terms of service) rules. Apple says that one of its primary goals as a company is to remove apps that might hurt its users. However, an app that provides services which Apple doesn’t agree with has been hiding in plain sight all along.

Introducing TuTuApp

The app that we are talking about is called TuTuApp and it can be sideloaded on devices that are powered by iOS. What makes TuTuApp a big threat to Apple is the fact that it gives users access to mobile games which are far too similar to titles from Nintendo alongside other pirated versions of paid apps which TuTuApp is offering for free.

The Big Problem with TuTuApp

While it might seem like TuTuApp is a fun app to have on an iPhone, this is not the case. The big downside to TuTuApp is the cost that iPhone users need to pay in order to get access to a plethora of pirated apps. The cost that iPhone users are paying is sending the “keys” to their iPhones to an unknown Chinese software maker.

The End is Near

No one knows what the developers of TuTuApp are doing with the keys and as you would expect, Apple is not taking kindly to this. Apple has publicly stated that it plans to end all apps which take advantage of its enterprise certificate program, something which TuTuApp does, and therefore we believe that Apple’s sights are aimed at TutuApp.

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