Which Next-Gen Console Will Bring VR Features?

A new generation of consoles is on its way and you should expect a couple of revolutionary features. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will all launch new consoles, and each one aims to be the best. The companies haven’t offered us too many details about the upcoming devices, which makes it even more interesting to debate.

Recently, a developer interview offered us more details about Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming Xbox Scarlett.  The interview mostly talks about VR and whether it will be included in the next-gen console.

Microsoft is not crazy about VR

Pablo Lafora is a game designer at Tessera Studios and he did talk a bit about Microsoft’s plans in a recent GamingBolt interview. It appears that the Xbox Scarlett doesn’t seem to come with VR. Lafora explained that he can’t get any news when it comes to Microsoft’s stance on VR.

“Just some rumors about HoloLens 2. It seems like they don’t have much interest in VR. On one hand, it looks like right now they won’t include VR features on their next console. On the other hand… that sounds really risky. Maybe the next Xbox will be HoloLens 2 compatible? It might be, but we don’t think the console/marketing will make HoloLens the core of it all,” he explained.

This seems to be the opposite of what Sony is doing. Shawn Lyden did talk about how the company is working hard to develop new PSVR hardware. If Microsoft does not plan to include VR, this would mean that Sony would have no competitor when it comes to virtual reality.

This is good news for the PlayStation 5.

“PlayStation is a business that knows to iterate and to evolve its products. Improvements have to be balanced with cost considerations as well, because it is a consumer product for gamers so we don’t want to say it’s lighter, whiter or whatever, but it’s going to cost triple. That’s not going to happen,” explained Sony boss Kaz Hirai.




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