Android Messages Will Receive Google Assistant In The Future

Google Assistant is slowly taking over Android devices, and it appears that Google has decided to take things one step further and integrate it into Messages as well. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona, Spain.

As you can remember, Assistant was already used for Hallow, so this isn’t the first time we see it integrated into a messaging platform. However, this time it appears that things will be different.

How will it work?

The Assistant will be there while you are texting, and it will pop up from time to time in order to offer some suggestions or background information. For example, if you mention a certain restaurant, a movie, or the weather, the Google Assistant can offer you additional details.

If you are worried about your privacy, Google explains that your texts are completely safe. In fact, the Assistant won’t read your messages, and you are the one who decides what the Google Assistant should look up.

For instance, if you sent a message about a nearby restaurant, you can ask the Assistant to provide more details about it. You can then decide whether you want to send the information to the other people in the chat as well.

“If you’re chatting about a movie, you might see a suggestion chip to learn more about that film. By tapping the chip, you can ask the Assistant to pull up a card with recent movie reviews or showtimes, which you can choose to share back into your conversation with just another tap. If you don’t choose to share that information, the other person won’t see it,” explained Google in a blog post.

It will take some time until the update will become available for everyone, and it only works for English users at the moment.

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