Snapchat: The Android App Will Receive A Complete Rebuild

Snapchat does have a glorious past, and the app continues to be one of the most popular social applications, especially when it comes to teenagers and young people in general. However, many social media platforms began to offer the same features, and they stole some of Snapchat’s users.

It appears that Snapchat is ready to reinvent itself, and the Snapchat app for Android should be revamped in the future. We were already promised an Android Snapchat rebuild back in 2017, and Cep Even Spiegel made the official announcement on Monday, at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Sans Francisco.

Release date and changes

According to Evan Spiegel, we should receive the revamped app pretty soon. “The rebuild will be rolled out by the end of 2019,” he declared. The reasons for this improvement is obvious. The Android market is huge, and there are numerous users that could download the app, as long as it matches their requirements.

Spiegel is also aware of the importance of Android users. “Android is absolutely critical to our strategy. There are like 2 Million Android users that don’t use the SnapChat app. A couple of percent of those I think would be well received by all of us,” he explained.

The company will focus mostly on India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Those country have numerous Android users, but Snapchat isn’t that big of a hit over there. More than that, the app doesn’t work that well on their Android phones, and many users have complained about various glitches and bugs.

While we do know that the new version of the app will come out this year, we do not have an exact date. “We still have a bunch of work to do there. I think quality takes time,” concluded Spiegel.

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