Xiaomi Won’t Be Launching A Foldable Phone Anytime Soon

It appears that most phone companies are focusing on developing foldable phones, and 2019 will be the year when the smartphone market will receive a wave of devices with a foldable display. Phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei already revealed their handsets, while companies such as Motorola and OPPO announced that they will release their own foldable models as well.

However, there are some companies that don’t seem to rush when it comes to foldable phones. As you already know, Apple has no plans of releasing any foldable phones this year. As it turns out, Xiaomi will take its time as well.

The company isn’t in a rush

Xiaomi is known for its innovations, and the company was the first one that launched the iconic bezel-less screen design, that has now become the norm. However, when it comes to foldable phones, Xiaomi wants to take its time in order to launch a high quality device.

This does not mean that the phone manufacturer isn’t working on its own foldable device. In fact, you can see a video of the Xiaomi foldable phone prototype here. While the prototype looks look, it will take some time until we will see Xiaomi launch the device.

Xiaomi global spokesperson Donovan Sung did offer us some clues related to the foldable phones. We were able to deduce that the technology needed for a foldable phone isn’t completely developed just yet.

At the moment, Xiaomi has decided to focus on 5G technology, as this is an important development for smartphones from all over the world. Some believe that 5G won’t come with major changes for smartphones, but Sung does not seem to agree. He reminded us how 4G made it possible to create new apps and services that wouldn’t have worked on 3G connections, and he hopes that something similar will take place with 5G connections.

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