WhatsApp Business Beta 2.19.19 Is Available To Download With New Features

WhatsApp is an excellent communication app, and its capabilities determined business to use it as well. However, WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t allow users to create two accounts or use two phone numbers, which means that you can’t have both a personal account and a business one.

Luckily for you, WhatsApp Business comes to solve this issue. The application allows you to create a business account with a different phone number, and continue to use WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone.

Brand new versions

In order to keep users happy, an app should receive constant updates with improvements. This time, WhatsApp Business 2.19.19 beta is available. The new version does come with new additions, which should improve the user experience.

For instance, it is now possible to filter chat lists, based on whether the chats are unread or read. It is also possible to share your WhatsApp Business account with your clients via a short link. You will be able to do that by typing wa.me/your_number.

There are also a couple of new functions. It is possible to use the chat filtering icon even on WhatsApp Web, so you can filter by labels and view label indicators.

WhatsApp Business features

The WhatsApp Business app comes with several tools which were designed for businesses, in order to enhance communication. First of all, you are allowed to create a business profile which also contains other important information, such as contact info, location or website.

If a customer messages you after work hours, you can send them Away messages automatically. These messages will let them know that you are away, and you will reply as soon as possible. WhatsApp Business also works with a landline/ fixed number. Just make sure that you choose the “Call me” option when you verify your account so that you will get a phone call in order to receive the code.


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