PlayStation 5: What Will The Next Sony Console Bring?

Based on everything we heard so far, two of the biggest video game consoles are preparing to launch a new generation. Microsoft is working on a new Xbox console, while Sony prepares to develop the PlayStation 5 console.

However, there are not many public details. We do know that Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida declared that the next generation console is necessary, but we don’t have anything else. There is no official release date and no official specs.

When will the console be launched?

Many fans expect the PlayStation 5 to be launched next year. This would make sense based on the timeline we had so far for PlayStation. At the end of 2013 PlayStation 4 was launched. Seven years before that, the PlayStation 3 was released, and the launch for that console also came seven years after the PlayStation 2 was released.

Therefore, it would seem that Sony respects its pattern, which could mean that the PlayStation 5 should be released in 2020. If that does not happen, we would have the longest PlayStation hiatus of all times. While this would be something new, it wouldn’t surprise us.

The PlayStation 4 is arguably the most successful console of Sony. More than that, there are games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man which seem to work perfectly on the PS4, making it hard to understand why a successor is needed. The fact that Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro is another advantage for the PS4 console, and it could be another factor that delays the release of the PlayStation 5.

Therefore, 2020 appears to be the most plausible release date, and this opinion is shared by several experts. Even Sony forecasted a drop in PlayStation profitability by March 2021, which would suggest that new hardware will be launched by that date.

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