WhatsApp Update For iOS Would Bring A New Feature

With over 1.5 billion active users each month WhatsApp is the most messaging app in the world. Released back in 2009 the app became a hit among iOS users. Facebook bought the app in 2014, and the subscription model was removed to allow more users to access the app. Now, an upcoming WhatsApp update for iOS would bring a new feature.

The app is now available across iOS, Android and PCs (by using WhatsApp Web). The developer team is hard at work, releasing a constant stream of updates which fix issues and add new features.

According to a reliable source, the company is currently working on a new feature for the WhatsApp iOS app, namely a new advanced search feature. The feature will allow users to search quickly through all of their messages. A robust filter system should provide several criteria which could be used to refine your search – by ticking photos, GIFs, videos, URLs and other media content.

Future WhatsApp update for iOS would bring the new advanced search feature

A handy preview screen will allow users to scroll through the results without the need the open them individually. The current version of WhatsApp does feature a search option, but it is limited to text messages. The feature will be included in an upcoming beta version of the popular app.

WhatsApp was involved in a recent controversy after the latest update for the iOS platform added the ability to secure the app with the help of Face ID or Touch ID. While the feature was well-received by the community, a major vulnerability was discovered and exposed across several forums. Some user found out that if you switched the screen timeout period from immediately to any other interval, a third-party was able to access the app after a file transfer was initiated.

WhatsApp acknowledged a small update removed the issue and the vulnerability.

Those that wish to test the advanced search feature that would become available in an upcoming WhatsApp update for iOS will have to download the TestFlight app and enroll on a waiting list. A release date is not available at this point.

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