EGX 2019 Is UK’s Most Significant Games Show – Tickets Already On Sale

The EGX events are iconic, and they attract gamers from all around the world. EGX 2019 will take place from 17th to the 20th of October and the event will be located in London, at ExCel London.

EGX promises to be a big one this year, and there should be more than 1500 screens, displaying everything, from new indie games to the biggest blockbusters. The EGX 2019 will also offer meet and greets with various Twitch and YouTube personalities, retro gaming, esports and more. The sponsor of the event will be Virgin Media.

“EGX 2019 is special to us as it marks the year we are returning to our home, London. The new venue is allowing us to grow the favorite elements of the show as well as introduce new ones. With more space, features and games than ever before we’re excited by the prospect of delivering the best show to date.”

What will EGX 2019 bring?

There will be a huge cosplay area that will have numerous competitions, photoshoots and daily masquerades. Participants can also find a large retro area that offers them a chance to play old video games. Pinball machines and arcade games will be available as well.

For those who want to pursue a career in this industry, it is important to know that the will also hold a career fair which will feature developers, recruiters, publishers and educators.

You will also be able to purchase merch of your favorite games, as there will be plenty of retail stands there. Participants will also have a chance to have fun, as there will be community parties on both Saturday and Friday.

Finally, the show floor will have the biggest video game franchises and participants will be able to play them before they are released.

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