iPad Mini 2019 – Everything You Need To Know – Price, Release Date, Specifications And More

At the moment it remains unclear whether Apple will release new iPads this month, the way they did last year. Not long ago we received another iPad event, when the new iPad Pros were showed in Brooklyn.

There are many rumours about the March event. Other sources indicate that Apple will offer its latest services, a streaming service and a subscription news app. This seems likely especially if we take a look at the Apple’s jobs listings which reveal the fact that the company is looking more for software hires.

The iPad Mini release date

The iPad Mini is highly anticipated, even if we compare it to the regular iPad. That’s because the iPad generation which was launched back in 2017 did not come with an iPad Mini. This means that users who want to purchase an iPad mini have to buy the 2015 model. This is why a new one is expected to launch this year.

March should be the ideal month for an iPad Mini release. For instance, last year a new iPad with Apple Pencil integration was launched on March 27. The 9.7-inch iPad was also launched on March 21 2017. By looking at this timeline, it appears very likely that we could get the iPad Mini in March.


The upcoming iPad mini is expected to be cheaper than its predecessor. The price for the current model starts at $399, which Is quite expensive. For instance, the iPad launched last year starts at $329. Therefore, expect the next iPad mini to be cheaper than the current model


There have been multiple reports about the specs of the next iPad Mini. The device should keep the dimensions of its predecessor: Eight inches in height, 5.3 inches wide and 0.24 inches thick. Some rumours also suggest that the tablet could come with a headphone jack.

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