The PlayStation 5 Will Be Launched In 2020, Could Be Cheaper Than The PS4

There were no official announcements for the PlayStation 5 release date. However, if you analyze all the data, it isn’t that difficult to come up with a prediction. This is exactly what analysts have done, and now we have a possible release date.

Based on the reports we received so far, Sony is still working on this project. However, the console should be launched as soon as it is completed.

Last year president of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that the next-gen console is being developed. Deputy President of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera also added that the PlayStation 4 is almost at the end of its life cycle. Therefore, it shouldn’t take long until PlayStation 5 is ready to be released.

2020 release date

Experts did come up with multiple predictions and it appears that 2020 is the most plausible release date. Hideko Yasuda is an analyst from Ace Research Institute, and he also believes that the PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020. In order to reach this conclusion, he analysed the financial reports of Sony.

Yasuda also believes that sales for the PlayStation 5 will have the same pace as the ones for the PlayStation 4. Speaking of PS4, let’ see how the prices for these two consoles compare.

Will PlayStation 5 be cheaper than PlayStation 4?

We have some good news for gamers from all around the world. Based on several reports, it appears that Sony might reduce the prices for the console. In fact, it is even possible to see lower prices for the PlayStation 5 compared to the PlayStation 4.

Prices are expected to drop when it comes to the PlayStation 5 because the console is expected to use Cloud gaming. This would allow Sony to reduce costs, which in turn would allow them to offer lower prices for the console.

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