WhatsApp 2.19.66 Beta For Android Comes With Critical Bugs – Do Not Update, Devs Recommend

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application for Android and iOS, as well as PCs via WhatsApp Web, the app’s web-based version. One of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular is that the devs behind the application are frequently updating WhatsApp, adding new features and improving stability and performance. However, that’s not always the case. Recently launched WhatsApp 2.19.66 beta version for Android comes with critical bugs. The devs, therefore, recommend users not to update to this new variant.

Nonetheless, if users have already installed WhatsApp 2.19.66, they should downgrade to WhatsApp 2.19.65, as soon as possible, as the developers recommended. It seems that WhatsApp 2.19.66 has a whole bunch of bugs that affect Status and Media in WhatsApp. The fix the devs released, WhatsApp 2.19.67 also contains the same issues. However, WhatsApp 2.19.67 flawlessly works when installed over WhatsApp 2.19.65. Accordingly, the problems are inside WhatsApp 2.19.66 beta for Android.

Do not update to WhatsApp 2.19.66 as it contains some critical bugs

“CRITICAL ALERT: Don’t update to WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.66: it might have a lot of issues for Status and Media,” wrote WABetaInfo on Twitter. “If you’ve already updated to 2.19.66/67, please try to downgrade to https://whatsapp.com/android. If the downgrade fails, but you have a backup on Google Drive/SD, uninstall WhatsApp and install that version from the website.
If you haven’t a backup, please wait for the next beta update,” they added.

WABetaInfo also announced that WhatsApp 2.19.67 partially fixed those critical bugs but some users are still experiencing issues because they updated to 2.19.67 from the 2.19.66 version. Those who moved up to 2.19.67 from 2.19.65 don’t experience errors. As we speak, WhatsApp Beta devs are struggling to fix the issues, and they even hold a poll on their Twitter page to see how many users experience bugs in WhatsApp 2.19.66 and 2.19.67. Until they solve out the issues, it is recommendable not to update to WhatsApp 2.19.66.

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