The Motorola Razr V4 Could Feature Two Screens

It is quite obvious that foldable screens and double screens are the major trend for smartphones this year. Numerous companies have already announced their upcoming handsets. Nonetheless, it appears that the list might not be complete yet.

Motorola hasn’t made an announcement yet, but rumour has it that the Motorola Razr V4 will come with a foldable double screen as well. The phone is inspired by one of the most well known Motorola models.

The original phone was foldable as well. However, back in the day there was a screen and a number pad, while the Motorola Razr V4 seems to have just scren instead. More than that, the second screen will be located on the outside of the phone. This is a regular characteristic of the Razr line.

Expanding usability

If we believe the rumours, it appears that the second display might be functional as well. This would be another improvement compared to the original line. The display on the external side of the phone is expected to be a touchscreen and users should be able to use it for specific actions such as showing the hour, pushing notifications or opening the phone’s camera app.

The reports also indicate that the secondary screen will be used only for certain apps. Nonetheless, nothing is certain at the moment. Motorola has been very silent when it came to the Razr V4 so you can expect many changes in the future. It might take more time to receive the phone since Motorola wants to make sure that the phone will be an iconic one:

“If you go around the stores today, for me the phones all look the same. It’s difficult to see if it’s a Motorola, or [another brand]. How we differentiate to the consumer, show them something really different, that’s where foldables comes in. And that’s where Motorola also has a very big investment. I can’t say much but we have one franchise that will have a very big impact there,” explained Motorola vice president and general manager Anthony Barounas.

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