GBWhatsapp Top 4 Most Useful Tips and Tricks

Everyone who enjoys using WhatsApp should consider giving GBWhatsapp a try. This is a mod for the app that introduces a plethora of cool features. What’s great about GBWhatsapp is the fact that some of the features that the mod introduces are not approved by WhatsApp’s official developer team and this makes them quite useful. With that said, today we want to present a couple of useful tips and tricks for GBWhatsapp.

Useful Tips and Tricks

  1. Schedule Messages

If one of your friends has a birthday coming up and you don’t want to forget about it, then you should be pleased to know that GBWhatsapp makes it possible to schedule message. This feature can also be used for work in order to schedule tasks.

  1. Change the Background

Another useful feature that GBWhatsapp brings is the ability to change backgrounds. This feature is not available on the original version of the chatting app and it gives users access to the tools that they need in order to customize GBWhatsapp. Follow the next steps to change the background in GBWhatsapp: Options – Settings – Chats – Wallpapers.

  1. Lock WhatsApp

Is there something more annoying than when someone picks up your smartphone and accesses your private information? Luckily, this is not a problem for GBWhatsapp users because the mod lets users lock WhatsApp. Using this cool trick will make it impossible for anyone to see your chats.

  1. Voice Control

Since we are talking about useful GBWhatsapp tips and tricks, we have to mention that the app can be used without having to type. GBWhatsapp supports vocal commands and this makes it possible for users to type messages to their friends and family members without ever having to touch the keyboard. Simply speak the message that you want to send and GBWhatsapp will note it down.

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