Siri Plays an Important Role in Jailbreak iOS 12 with the Upcoming Unc0ver Tool

Despite Apple’s wishes, developers have been creating iOS jailbreaking tools ever since the first iPhone was released. Even though iOS is renowned for offering a premium user experience, some people want more. Apple places lots of restrictions for iOS users and this just won’t cut it for some iPhone and iPad users, especially those who enjoy customization options. This is where jailbreak tools come in and unlock Apple’s operating system so that users can download all types of cool tweaks via Cydia.

On the downside of things, Apple is doing all in its power in order to keep developers from creating jailbreak tools for its newer versions of iOS. The latest update is iOS 12 and it has proven to be the hardest one to crack for developers. Luckily, the reputable hacker known as Geosn0W has figured out a way to use Siri in order jailbreak iOS 12.

The OsirisJailbreak12 Tool

The hacker Geosn0W announced a couple of months ago that he is getting closer to finishing up a stable iOS 12 jailbreak tool. The tool would work on iPhones and iPads which run on iOS 12.0 to 12.1.2 and give them access to Cydia. Geosn0w named the tool “OsirisJailbreak12”. Unfortunately, the tool is still in the development phase and there isn’t any news on when the stable build will be released.

The hacker realized that cracking iOS 12 is proving to be more difficult than anticipated and he decided to post the tool on the official Github page. The reason why Geosn0w did this is because he wanted to encourage other hackers to try their hand at cracking iOS 12.

Using Siri to Jailbreak iOS 12

A couple of days after Geosn0w posted the tool on GitHub, the Reddit user “Samg_is_a_Ninja” has managed to crack iOS 12 on an iPhone X using Siri with the help of the Unc0ver tool. Everyone can check out the video by clicking here.

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