Borderlands 3 Might Indeed Be Revealed This Month, At PAX East

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the possibility for a Borderlands 3 announcement during PAX East where Gearbox will hold a special event. While many believed that it could be about something else, not Borderlands 3, a recent tweet posted by Gearbox hints, indeed, to the next installment in the Borderlands franchise.

Accordingly, we might finally get the sought-after Borderland 3 release date announcement, along with some gameplay videos or trailers, during the Pax East conference, on March 28th.

PAX East takes place in Boston, and Gearbox’s event would take place on the first day of the game conference. It would not be a premiere for the games studio to announce the release date of its games during a PAX event.

In addition to that, it’s evident that Gearbox, a Texas-based company, plans something big since they decided to travel all the way to Boston, Massachusetts, instead of attending PAX South which will take place in Texas.

Gearbox Will Indeed Reveal Something More About Borderlands 3 During PAX East

As I mentioned above, Gearbox tweeted something that hints to a Borderlands 3 announcements during PAX East. Following the famous proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words,” Gearbox released the following image on Twitter:

As we can see in the pic, the landscape is from Borderlands. While some of the most pessimistic fans of the series thought about a Borderlands spin-off, by looking at the image, it’s almost evident that we’re talking about Borderlands 3 – see the Exit 3 sign on the top-right corner of the picture.

But that image is all we have at the moment. Neither Gearbox nor the company’s CEO confirmed that indeed the pic hints to Borderlands 3. Accordingly, we should patiently wait for PAX East to start to find out more about the future releases coming from Gearbox. We really hope it’s Borderlands 3.

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