Facebook Tests A “Reverse Dark Mode”

Dark modes have become increasingly popular lately, and this shouldn’t surprise us. The dark mode has numerous advantages. First of all, it makes it easier to browser the phone at night and the eyes of the users will be more protected. More than that, when it comes to devices that have OLED screens, the dark mode can help preserve battery life. The night mode looks more elegant as well, which can be another benefit for some users.

While most apps are launching a dark mode, Facebook is preparing something different. As it turns out, the social media platform is working on an all-white version of the Android app, which looks like the opposite version of the dark mode.

All-white colour scheme

XDA Developers were the ones who posted screenshots of the new interface. As you already know, the Facebook app has some blue accents which have become iconic. In the new interface, they are removed, and we are given an all-white look.

The reason for this change could be the fact that the Messenger app already has a similar design. The new all-white design of the Facebook app could be a sign that the company wants to create a common look for all its apps.

There’s a chance that the white mode won’t be an actual mode, and it is just a stage needed in order to create a proper dark mode. By removing blue accents and making everything white it becomes easier to turn the interface black.

The white mode of the Facebook app is not available to the general public, and at the moment it can only be found through a server-side switch. The mode exists only for the Android app, and we do not know yet whether the iOS app will receive the same treatment.

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