Nikon Z1 Rumors: Is This the New Mirrorless Camera?

Nikon came up with its Z system a while ago, with two models released at the same time. However, the cheapest model is the Z6, and it’s still set around $2000 for the body. People needed more than that, for a better price.

The mirrorless device?

Nikon chose the name specifically for this convention, and they might have done it with a purpose. The model could be named Nikon Z3 or Nikon Z1. Rumors are everywhere, and people have started to ask if the new device is a mirrorless camera. It comes with a simplified design and with a top-plate display, so we might start to believe the rumors. But not entirely. There is certainly a reason why the company has aimed for a younger audience.

How is this Z different than all the others?

First of all, one of the rumors showed that the Z1 logo is not the same as that on the Z6 and Z7 – we don’t see the same bottom-right-hand logo. So why isn’t the Z the same as we’ve already seen? Nikon is doing us a suspicion.

On the mount, there’s a text that says ‘FX Mirrorless Z-mount’ – it’s quite inconsistent, and the Auto icon from the mode dial is not green, as it is on the other two, but it is white. This might be explained by the fact that it is placed on the other side of the viewfinder chamber – so different than what we’ve seen on the Z6 and Z7.

The next move of the company will probably be to introduce a more affordable body for the Z – cheaper than the two other offers. However, it might not hurt to change a bit the design.

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