Vivo Apex 2019 Concept Phone Does Not Have a Selfie Camera

Today, in Hong Kong, Vivo showed its new concept for the Apex 2019 phone, which is set to come with no ports, at all, but with 5G connectivity and a fingerprint sensor that will cover almost the entire screen. They first wanted to show the device at the Mobile World Congress in 2019. However, its public debut was delayed. We still think it’s better than the publicity stunt from Meizu.

The design of Apex 2019 comes with new surprises

The form of Apex 2019 is made out of a single piece of glass, which is something that Vivo said it was very difficult to do. It comes with a combination of some pressure sensors and capacitive sensors in order to simulate the sleep and the volume buttons. There’s also a proprietary magnetic connector that will be used for charging and for data transfer. It’s worth mentioning that the screen vibrates, in pace of a speaker.

Why is the fingerprint scanner a bit different?

The fingerprint scanner can be used with multiple fingers put anywhere, really, on the front of the phone.

Many people have gathered to say their opinions about it. Most of them are happy with the device, and de design is very beautiful, actually. However, truth be told, the device might not be ready just yet, but the design kills it.

There will be no selfie camera

There’s no easy way to say this, but you won’t get a selfie camera. This is because the company wanted its device to have a clear design with an in-screen camera – a pop-up design would have ruined that entirely.

When talking about the back camera, there’s a dual camera worth of 13MP and 12MP, respectively.



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