The Microsoft Wireless Display App Makes It Possible To Stream Games Directly On An Xbox One

Gamers from all over the world will be glad to hear the latest news.  Microsoft now allows users to stream PC games to their Xbox One consoles. More than that, a controller can be used to play these games.

Players are allowed to play any kind of titles, including Stream ones. The remote PC can be controlled with the help of a regular Xbox controller. You can even choose to use the Xbox for presentations. All this is possible with the help of the Wireless Display app which is newly updated.

The Wireless Display App

In order to create the connection between the Xbox One and the PC, Miracast is used. The winkey + P combination can be used to cast to the Xbox. You should know that this won’t work when it comes to stream projecting other things such as Netflix, you will need to resume to video games.

This is how Microsoft’s new Wireless Display app works. You can use it to control a PC via your Xbox One, and stream PC games to the console and play them with controller

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) March 13, 2019

The Wireless Display app has been tested for months and it had various names. Now it has been officially released. Previously the Wireless Display app was known as Connect on Windows and it was a Surface Hub app. The app has mouse, keyboard, touch and stylus support enabled in order to control the projecting PC. Now the Xbox version brought controller support as well.

The bad news is that this app does not come with support for mouse and keyboard input, but this might change in the future. Last year Microsoft introduced Xbox One keyboard and mouse support for a number of games.

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