Sony Files “PlayStation VR 2” Patent

As the entire world is waiting for Sony to officially announce the launch date for the highly anticipated PS5, the Japanese tech giant seems to be focused on other products. The reason why we are saying this is because Sony has filed a new patent for PlayStation VR 2. The patent reveals that Sony wants PlayStation VR 2 to provide gamers with a more wireless experience and that the next-gen VR headset might arrive at the same time with PS5.

Sony Files PlayStation VR 2 Patent

“A frequency band determination device, a head mount display, a frequency band determination method, and a program capable of switching a frequency band used for communication earlier than before according to a change in an environment in which a communication device or a communication partner is placed,” said the patent.

From the looks of it, Sony wants to redesign PlayStation VR 2 so that it offers a more wireless experience. Even though this might not seem like something that innovative, stumbling in the wires of PlayStation VR makes it difficult for users to get immersed in the video content or VR games that they are playing.

Improved Immersion

“The patent showcases the PS VR breakout box transmitting between 5GHz and 60GHz wireless signals to the headset from the console. As 60GHz signals are more linear and faster but have a shorter range, 5GHz is used as a backup to maintain the connection when the 60GHz signal is expected to cut out,” according to GearNuke.

This leads us to believe that Sony’s new technology that automatically switches wireless frequencies will enhance the immersion that PlayStation VR 2 users experience while playing games because their connection is going to be constant and secure. On the downside of things, Sony has yet to make any official statements about PlayStation VR 2 and we don’t know when the device will launch.

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