WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.75 – A New Beta Version Is Now Available

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. The app has millions of users and it is considered one of the most secure applications out there. WhatsApp is available for free and it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. The app requires an Internet connection in order to send and receive messages.

What does this new version bring?

For beta testers, the new version comes with a couple of improvements. It is now simpler for users to start video calls as well as group voice calls. When you are in a group you can just tap the call button. You can also do it from the calls tab, once you start a new call you can select the “New group call option”. There can be up to 4 participants in one group call.

WhatsApp features

There are plenty of reasons why WhatsApp is so popular. First of all, the app is completely free, and there are no fees that you need to pay. WhatsApp also allows you to send various types of files, including photos, videos, documents and voice messages.

WhatsApp can be used for calls as well. The application offers both video and audio calls. Users can also create group chats which are ideal for team projects. WhatsApp comes with a web version as well, which allows users to access the application on their computer’s browser.

The app doesn’t require a username or a password. In order to register for a WhatsApp account, you just need a phone number. More than that, with WhatsApp you are always logged in, and you won’t miss any of your messages. You can also chat with all your contacts that have the app installed on their phones.

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