iPhone 11 Leaks Revealed Three Main Cameras

The iPhone 11 from Apple is reportedly expected to launch with upgrades that no one would have thought of, but it looks like the design Apple chose for the featured iPhone is the ugliest and most controversial of all prototypes.

iPhone 11 would come with three main cameras

Macotakara, the famous Japanese website, suggests that it has information from within the Chinese supply chain of Apple. This information consists of three main camera array that the iPhone 11 will have on its back, but it will be introduced into a sizeable protruding square.

Stever Hemmerstoffer, also known as OnLeaks is a renowned industry insider that leaked this design first a few months ago in January which has been considered by the public to be too ugly for Apple to make use of it. OnLeaks has also leaked a second iPhone prototype which’s feedback was positive. However, Apple decided on the “only a mother could love” design.

iPhone 11 chose to place the three main cameras in an ugly, black square

The same source suggests that the design of the next iPhone 11 has been a little bit tweaked by Apple to keep the symmetry of the cameras. With that being said, the square is not really that great looking on the rear of the phone.

It might come to a surprise for you, but it looks like the design is entirely forged. Huawei has already implemented a square triple camera on the Mate 20 Pro, but it seems much better being in the center of the rear of the phone.

Inevitable there are a lot of rumors talking about the struggles Apple is facing when it comes to the release of a foldable iPhone to market, but it is not easy to understand how the design of the iPhone 11 ( without a fast charger and being coupled with its 5G omission) will be enough for the iPhone sales to be reversed.

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