WhatsApp Business 2.19.26 Beta Is Now Out – See What’s New

WhatsApp is one of the best communication tools out there and it is used by millions of users from all around the world. WhatsApp Business maintains all the features of WhatsApp Messenger, but it makes it easier for businesses to keep in touch with their customers at the same time.

Those who want to keep their personal chats and businesses chats separated can do this while using the same phone. WhatsApp Business also has a couple of special business features. For instance, users can create their own business profile which includes important information such as your website or your location.

There are also business messaging tools that can be used to let your customers know when you are away. WhatsApp Business can be used with a landline or fixed phone number. You just need to select the “Call me” option during verification.

WhatsApp Business 2.19.26 beta

WhatsApp Business recently released a new version which is still in beta. This new update comes with a couple of new useful features. For instance, it will become a lot simpler to filter your chat lists. You can sort them based on whether they are unread or read.

More than that, WhatsApp Web receives some new additions as well. For instance, it is now possible to see label indicators and use them to filter your chats. You can do that by using the chat list filtering icon that shows up when you use WhatsApp Web. At the moment it is not possible to filter chats by unread messages, groups and broadcast lists on WhatsApp Web.

The latest WhatsApp Business version also allows you to share short links which make it easier for clients to start a chat with you. The short link uses this format wa.me/your_number, and you can replace “your_number” with your phone number.

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