Chrome 74 Beta Comes With Several Changes: Windows Dark Mode, “Reduced Motion” Support And More

The new beta release of Google Chrome is not rolling out. Chrome 74 does have a couple of new additions, and one of the most important ones appears to be Dark Mode for Windows and the reduce motion option.

Reducing option

Browsers do come with numerous animations. While they can be entertaining, they are not great for everyone. This is an improvement for users who suffer from motion sickness. Chrome will respect the OS option. Windows, macOS, iOS and Android all have options that allow them to reduce animations or motion. If the users enable them, Google Chrome will also take them into account.

While many users enjoy such animations, some users dislike them because they feel distracted or slowed down from them. In the worst case, users may even suffer from motion sickness as if it were a real life experience, so for these users reducing animations is a medical necessity.

More than that, Chrome can now tell supported websites. The changes also improve the browsing speed. Those who want to access websites faster can choose to reduce motion. However, when it comes to third-party apps, site developers are the one who need to bring support for this feature.

Windows dark mode

The new Google Chrome version will also respect the Windows OS-wide setting when it comes to its dark mode. If the app is set to Dark, then Google Chrome will change as well. The update will take automatically as soon as you change the Windows Colors.  The new theme is applied to everything, from Google, tabs, the bookmarks bar and the Omnibox.

Other changes

We also observed that Chrome 74 prevents the pages that are being closed from opening a popup: “pages may not use the API to open a new page during its unload.”

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