Telegram Receives Several Enhancements: New Features, Privacy Improvements And More

Telegram is slowly becoming our favorite messaging service. If you want a secure, capable app that isn’t owned by the big Facebook, then Telegram is the ideal choice. The application receives constant improvements through updates.

New features and enhancements

The Telegram app is about to receive some new useful features. As we already know, the application cares a lot about user privacy and the company tries its best to protect it. Back in 2013 end-to-end encryption was introduced, and now Telegram wants to take another step.

The new feature will allow users to unsend messages or delete them. The feature existed previously, but back then users were only allowed to delete the messages that they sent and they were able to do this within 48 hours. Now, users have complete power. It is possible to remove both sent and received messages whenever you want.  Yes, you heard that right. It is now possible to delete messages from your chat partner’s phone as well. There is a clear chat button which allows you to delete all messages in a chat.

There is also a new feature which restricts message forwarding. Once users enable this feature, a forwarded message won’t lead back to your account. Instead, the username that shows up will be unclickable. Telegram explained that “this way people you chat with will have no verifiable proof you ever sent them anything”.

There are also some new enhancements for emoji, and Telegram explained that you should now be able to find “more cats”. There is also a search function for the settings menu of the app. You can also use keywords in different languages when you are looking for a certain emoji.

Finally we have TalkBack on Android and VoiceOver on iOS. With this feature you can use the app without using the screen.

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