Oppo Reno Leaked Images Revealed A Notch-less Design And Pop-up Camera

There are new photos out there on the internet, showing the design of the new Oppo Reno phone from. That shows how they are trying to give their clients a full, notch-less display and a pop-up camera.

Truth be told, is very hard to hide an entire selfie camera behind a screen. That has made big tech companies, such as Samsung and Apple (and many others), to use a notch or even to cut the display a bit, to allow a selfie camera to appear there.

Up until this time, we’ve seen many weird ideas when it came to smartphones trying to kill the dreaded camera notch. However, Oppo Reno smartphone is the weirdest one so far. The Chinese manufacturer came up with a wedge-shaped pop-up front-facing camera. This one gives the impression that the phone is raising an eyebrow at you as if it were disappointed with you.

Oppo Reno to come with notch-less design and a pop-up camera

This phone indeed does look a bit weird, but the idea might not be so bad. It’s like a compromise between Oppo’s efforts with Oppo Find X and the smaller, rectangular sliding camera from Vivo V15 Pro.

According to Slashleaks, there’s a video out there that shows the slider, thing that makes the Oppo Reno leaks real. It looks like the “eyebrow” also has some benefits because of the larger size. This thing might allow them to add a speaker and even a flash in the front, without actually compromising the design, with the bezel-free look.

So besides the video and the pictures, we don’t have much info about the Oppo Reno. The price, the specs and the release date, of course, will be revealed by the company, soon. Up until then, we can only look at the leaks and hope for the best. All in all, it’s good to see that Oppo is trying to get rid of the notch.

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