Microsoft Surface Book 2 Has Become Even Better, Thanks To CPU Boost

Microsoft Surface Book 2 may have been released in November 2017, but the powerful two-in-one device has managed to build an active user base. The range offers something for everyone, including a high-end package which includes a 15-inch display, a generous battery life which can reach up to 17 hours and Intel’s top-of-the-line 8th generation chips.

Surface Book 2 remains a popular and performant model

Some were disappointed by the fact the design of the device hasn’t changed too much in comparison to the previous model, but Microsoft assured its fans that all the aspects had been improved, including small details like the keyboard hinge.

Unlike previous models, the Surface Book line is the first iteration of what are deemed to be fully-fledged laptops. Users are still able to detach the display and use it in tablet mode, but the device packs a real punch in comparison to its predecessors.

Microsoft has noted that the graphics performance of the device is up by five times when placed compared with the original models and twice as strong when you take the 2017 MacBook Pro into account. These claims are often hard to prove, but the Surface is helped by Nvidia’s renowned discrete cards (the 15-inch version is paired with the popular Nvidia GTX 1060, which packs 6GB of power). Those who opt for that particular model can play most of the modern games, including recent titles which look quite impressive.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 received a CPU boost

Microsoft’s focus on content creators cemented the success of the line. The portable device can handle demanding programs without issues, and the robust selection of customizable features is quite attractive.

The smaller 13.5-inch model has received a well-deserved boost in the form of a speedy quad-core i5 processor. Those that don’t need the additional power have the option to buy the older version, which sports a dual-core I5 of the same generation at a discounted price of $1.299. The new model sports an i5-8350U chip which can hit 3.6GHz. The chip is paired with 8GB of RAM and a generous 256 of storage space, but the price tag is a bit steeper at $1,499.

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