VLC for Android 3.1.1 Update Introduces 15 Major Software Changes

When it comes to powerful video players that can run any type of format, there aren’t that many apps which can even compare to VLC. This video player was originally available only for PC and laptop but luckily, the developers who are in charge of it have decided to create an Android version as well. Therefore, VLC for Android is one of the best video players that can be installed on Android powered smartphones and everyone who does this will never have an issue running any types of videos that they want.

VLC for Android 3.1.1 Update

Nonetheless, the reason why VLC for Android is making headlines today is because the video player has just received a brand-new update. The update sports the 3.1.1 version number and since this is an Android app we are talking about, no one should be shocked to find out that the new update is available in the form of APK (android package kit). With that said, let’s check out what are the changes that the new update introduces.

Application Changes

  • minSDK is now 17 (Android 4.2);
  • Onboarding screen for new users;
  • Option to group videos by folders;
  • Android Auto is back!;
  • External storages support on Chromebooks (ChromeOS v72+);
  • Launcher shortcuts;
  • OTG devices browsing;
  • A-B repeat;
  • Sorting preferences are now saved;
  • Improve support of very large media libraries.

TV Changes

  • Homescreen channels;
  • Media sorting and videos grouping;
  • Manual network share setting.

VLC Changes

  • SMB 2/3;
  • AV1 software decoding.


As we can clearly see in the patch notes we listed above, the new update for VLC introduce lots of important changes that are going to take the video player’s performances to the next level. This is why we are advising all VLC fans to download the update as soon as possible.

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