WhatsApp 2.19.95 Beta APK Adds New Communication Features

When it comes to chatting apps, there aren’t that many which can even compare to WhatsApp. The perfect example of the premium user experience that WhatsApp offers is the fact that the app is used by more than one billion people every month. Now, this is impressive! One of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular is because the developers who are in charge of the app are always improving its user experience and performances through new updates.

WhatsApp 2.19.95 Beta APK

WhatsApp fans who are enrolled in the beta program should be happy to know that a new update has been released today (April 5th). The update sports the 2.19.95 Beta version number and it comes in the form of APK. For the uninitiated, APK stands for “Android Package Kit” and it’s the update format that all Android developers use for their beta releases.

What makes APK updates different from the others is the fact that users who want to get access to the new features and software tweaks that this type of updates bring will need to manually download and install them on their smartphones. Luckily, this needs to be done only once because APK updates will start rolling out OTA (over the air) to WhatsApp users who have already installed a beta version of the chatting app.

Communication Features

As we all know, WhatsApp is an app that excels at making it easier for users to communicate with each other. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the new 2.19.95 Beta APK introduces a handful of communication features.

The new features are changing the location of the group voice and video calls button so that it is more accessible. Not only that, but the update also upgrades the number of supported participants in group voice and video calls to four.

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