WhatsApp Users Will Now Have A Say When They Are Added To A Group

Until now WhatsApp users could be added to a group chat whenever the administrator of the group wanted this. They were added automatically, and if they did not want to be there they had to leave the group.

It appears that WHatsApp finally realized that this can be a problem, and a new WhatsApp feature will make users see group invites in a private message, instead of being added automatically to a group. Once a user receives a group invitation, he or she will have three days to accept it or deny it. After three days the invitation expires.

More than that, all group invites will include the members of the group, as well as its name. In order to enable this new feature you need to head over to settings, then go to “Account”, head over to “Privacy” and then go to “Groups”. Once you are there you will find three different options. You can choose between “Nobody”, “My Contacts” and “Everyone”.

If you choose the “Nobody” option this means that no users will be able to send you any group invites via a private message. The update isn’t available for everyone yet, but the feature will slowly roll out around the world in the next few weeks.

Other new features

WhatsApp has been working on some new features. Another new WhatsApp feature is its brand new dark mode. This new mode makes it a lot easier to use the app at night, and it is a lot easier on the eyes. More than that, the new dark mode will help OLED phones have a longer battery life. Numerous other popular apps have also added this mode. The list includes applications such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Viber. More apps are expected to join them in the future.

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