The Pixel 3a Appears To Have Leaked On The Google Store


Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep a product launch a secret. Leaks have become something common, and they happen to all companies. Recently the Pixel mid-range phones appeared to have leaked on the Google Store. Of course, the listing was deleted right away. Fortunately, some users managed to take some screenshots, so now we have all the proof we need. Many users were uncertain that a mid-range version of the Pixel phones will be released, but this settles it.

Other leaks

It appears that we have even more information available. A Redditor known as ElegyD discovered that the Google Play Developer Console device catalog has two new devices under the names “Sargo” and “Bonito”. As it turns out, Sargo is in fact the code name forPixel 3a XL, while Bonito is Pixel 3a. The specs for each device seem to match the two smartphones.

For instance, if we take a look at Bonito (the Pixel 3a), we can see that it will have a 2160 x 1080 display at 400 DPI, while Sargo (the Pixel 3a XL) has a 2200 x 1080 display with 440 DPI. We have also discovered that they will be both shipped with Android Pie and they will have 4 GB of RAM. The co-processor will be the same one as the one of the previous Pixel phones, the Pixel Visual Core. The leak also suggests that both smartphones will be launched in the middle of the year, so we could expect a summer release.

These specs seem to match the ones from previous leaks. Other leaked specifications suggest that both phones will come with 8 MP selfie cameras, 12 MP rear cameras, headphone jacks, and USB-C ports. However, these details weren’t confirmed by the developer console leak as well. We can only wait and see what’s next for the next Pixel generation.

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