Sharp Patent Hints To A Future Foldable Gaming Smartphone

These days the trajectory of smartphone design is veering off into non-traditional niches more day by day, Apple and Samsung being affected by the more traditional and most popular phone designs they are not looking forward to changing. Now, a new Sharp foldable gaming smartphone would come out soon, and it might be better than Samsung Galaxy Fold.

At the same time, we have reported on LG and Oppo, some smaller players, that they are trying to carve out a niche for themselves in this market, Sharp also finding a place on this list.

Sharp might have its own idea about what a successful smartphone would look like, and newly discovered patent documentation shows that the company will make a combination of two non-traditional smartphone categories into one, gaming and foldability.

Sharp foldable gaming smartphone patent revealed more details on this future device

There was an application filed by the Japanese consumer electronics giant back in 2017 for a patent covering a “handheld electronic device” from the US Patent and Trademark Office. A few days ago, that design patent was finally published in its whole glory, and it looks like it is intended for gaming the foldable clamshell smartphone giving that away.

Among other things, the patent shows that both sides of the display there are circles that appear to be meant for gaming-related controls. LetsGoDigital, the Dutch tech news blog, based on the patent documentation prepared some color renderings of this new phone, and you can take a look at those above.

Regarding the design and the element that makes it, the front of the future Sharp foldable gaming smartphone looks to be entirely comprised of the display, but we can’t see other sensors of visible cameras. Both sides of the display can also be bent by the user a little bit towards each other. This way holding the phone would be more comfortable as it creates a slight curve in the screen.

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