WhatsApp 2.19.101 Beta Update Brings Highly Anticipated “Vacation Mode”

If you hate it when your smartphone just won’t stop ringing while you are on vacation, then you are going to love the new 2.19.101 beta update that WhatsApp has received. The new update can only be installed by WhatsApp users who are enrolled in the beta program and it introduces a really useful feature dubbed as “Vacation Mode”.

WhatsApp 2.19.101 Beta Update

WhatsApp users who want to get access to all the latest features that the app receives ahead of everyone else should consider enrolling the Beta Program. While this might seem like a complicated process, we assure everyone that it’s not.

It doesn’t take longer than five minutes to create a beta account and the only thing that beta testers need to do in exchange for receiving access to unreleased features is to provide the developers with feedback in case any bugs or similar issues pop up.

Vacation Mode

The first thing that we want to mention about WhatsApp’s Vacation Mode is that it has actually been renamed to “Ignore archived chats”. To put it simply, the new feature will basically stop all archived chats from being automatically unarchived when a new message appears. The cool thing about “Ignore archived chats” is the fact that it prevents both muted and regular/unmuted chats from leaving the archive.

With that being said, the brand-new “Ignore archived chats” feature is going to make it much easier for people who leave on vacation and want to ignore all their chats. People who work in an office environment and want to skip the daily memo will love this feature.

OTA Release

On the downside of things, we need to mention that we don’t know when WhatsApp is planning to release the new 2.19.101 update to non-beta users. However, we think it’s safe to say that this is going to take at least one more week.

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