Skype iOS Beta: Users Can Now Share Their Screen With Others

Skype continues to add new features and improve the apps. A new function is on its way for both Android and iOS users. At the moment it appears that the feature is available in the Skype Insider betas. We don’t know yet when the feature will become available for everyone, but it shouldn’t take long.

How does this work?

The new feature lets you broadcast your screen live to the other users in the video call. The video call will continue in the background so you can use other apps and keep streaming. This feature can be really helpful in numerous situations. For instance, you might need help learning how to use an app, and a friend could guide you step by step.

More than that, this feature now works on iOS. Previously, the app sandbox model did not allow access to system functions such as access to the screen buffer. This changed when iOS 11 was released and official live broadcasting API was added by Apple. Therefore, third party apps can now register as broadcast extensions, which means that they are able to use the Screen Recording feature.

In order to use the new broadcast tool, users can tap the screen recording button from the Control Center, or they can do it directly from Skype while using a iOS framework button. The interface is the classic Apple ReplayKit framework one.

Recording will start only after users confirm that they agree to begin the broadcast. The iOS audio and video samples are sent to the broadcast app extension after the system picker is dismissed. Skype will upload them and send them to the other users in the conversation. This feature is available only in beta, but it should be released to all users later this year.

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