What Will iOS 13 Bring For iPad?

There is not much time left until iOS 13 will be unveiled. The reveal should take place in June at WWDC. As always, awaiting a new iOS version is exciting, and we cannot wait to see what Apple has prepared for us. We already know a couple of details about the iOS 13 features for tablets. Let’s see what are some of the changes that might come with the next update.

Enhanced multitasking

The past updates have improved multitasking on iPads, and it appears that Apple wants to continue to do that. The tablet apps will have multiple windows, which means that you don’t have to fit everything into a single screen.

There will be “sheets” on a window and it will be possible to detach them with a drag gesture so that they become “cards” that can be dragged around the screen. It is also possible to stack those cards on top of each other. More than that, there will be new gesture which will allow users to select multiple items. Something similar already exists in macOS.

New Undo function

Shaking the entire tablet to undo a mistake is not the best solution, so Apple discovered a new alternative. There is a new gesture that can be used to undo a mistake and it was described “as a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, sliding left and right allows the user to undo and redo actions interactively.”


There are other tweaks as well. There is a new user interface for the volume controls, and the new ones won’t cover the middle of the screen anymore. More than that, the Mail.app is way smarter and it is now able to sort messages by category.

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