PlayStation 5 Would Come Out At A Very Attractive Price

Sony has recently teased a few critical features of its upcoming console, PlayStation 5, but the company seems to be very secretive when it comes to certain aspects.

The company declined to confirm if the next console will be named PlayStation 5 but didn’t provide any alternatives, even if some of the specs infer the fact that we are looking at a next-generation console.

A highly-reliable source managed to interview Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the PS4 and the next console, known as PlayStation 5. When the reporter asked about the price of the new console, the answer offered by Cerny was a bit confusing. Launch prices have varied, and the source wanted to learn if the price tag will be more significant in comparison to that of past generations. Cerny responded that the cost would be quite attractive for gamers, especially if they take into account some of the futuristic features that should make an appearance.

PlayStation 5 would have a very attractive price

Many believe that the popularity of the PS consoles was dented when the PS3 was released. The launch prices were shocking for many users, as the base model was accompanied by a $499 price tag, and it came with a small 20GB HDD. Those who wanted extra space had to pay $599 for the 60GB version. The Xbox 360 was considerably cheaper at $399, and the affordable price made it very popular in many countries.

When it comes to the specs of the future console, Cerny shared a few details which paint the portrait of a high-power gaming unit. The device will use an advanced CPU based on the third generation of Ryzen processors developed by AMD and a custom graphics solution manufactured by the same company. Advanced rendering techniques were mentioned, and it seems that the console could deliver a substantial 8K experience.

New technology will also be used to augment audio functionalities in PlayStation 5, and an advanced 3D effect will allow players to enjoy an immersive adventure. It remains to be seen if the device will manage to be as successful as the PS4.

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