Will WhatsApp Users Be Able To Take Screenshots After The New Authentication Feature?

A new feature is on its way to WhatsApp, but it might have a major drawback as well. As always, WhatsApp tests new features in beta before adding them to the app. This time, the app is working on a new authentication feature.

However, the new biometric authentication option seems to have a downside. A while ago WABetaInfo first spotted this new feature, while it was still in testing mode. Once users enable this function, they are able to lock the app using their fingerprint sensor.

WABetaInfo also reported that there is a “side effect”. If users enable this feature, they might be blocked from taking screenshots of the chats.

“In this beta update we find a new improvements for the Authentication feature (that’s not available yet). When the Authentication feature will be enabled, your fingerprint is obviously required to open WhatsApp, but conversation screenshots are blocked. It means you won’t be longer able to screenshot your chats if you enable that feature,” read the blog post.

While this feature can prove to be very useful, it would be frustrating not to be able to screenshots your chats if you need to.

“So does it mean I cannot take screenshots if I enable authentication feature? Pls correct me if was wrong in understanding,” wrote one Twitter user.

Hopefully, WhatsApp will realize that this is a major disadvantage, and the feature will roll out without blocking screenshots. WhatsApp is also working on other brand new features. Reports suggest that the user interface will be enhanced for the Doodle feature. There are also two new different tabs: Stickers and Emoji. In the Stickers section, you can find all content stickers. More than that, Stickers are grouped by Category and by Favorites. A Search feature was added in the last update as well.

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