PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 Update Comes With New Bug Fixes

After the last update of the PUBG Mobile, the version 0.12.0 that came with a lot of new features, many users have a complaint about some problems. It’s interesting that the update was expected with a lot of impatience by the players eager to play it; the game has been crashing after that. A lot of lags and crash were present along with the new update, and some users have posted on Twitter about that. Let’s find out what kind of issues the game has presented, and what fixes have been done for PUBG Mobile.

The Bugs and the Fixes

After many reports on Twitter from users, the PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update was questioned. The players have reported some airplane glitches. This airplane glitch was present when users have begun the game and seated in the vehicle. It seems that the plane wasn’t loading correctly for some users. Because of this problem, players couldn’t drop properly. Besides this, players had a problem with their parachutes. When they are dropping from the plane at the start of the game, the parachute wasn’t opening for some players. Also, other lags throughout the game have been reported.

What Had PUBG Said about the Problem?

PUBG has addressed the issues and had made a statement on Twitter. PUBG’s team says that they are aware of the plane disappearing and the parachute problems. They have started to investigate the issues, and they will be fixed soon. Of course, PUBG is sorry for the inconvenience caused and are thanking for the continuous support for the game.

Finally, the reports are saying that the bug was fixed and it’s being delivered to players right away. If you are a PUBG player, you must find out that the 0.12.0 update fix isn’t available on Play Store. It will be an in-game update when you start the game. Enjoy!

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