Crypto Market Ads Brings A Complete Crypto Marketing And Advertising Marketplace

Crypto Market Ads launched a complete and reliable crypto marketing and advertising marketplace, evidently based on the blockchain. The platform wants to satisfy all advertising and marketing requirements, and it’s focusing on crypto and blockchain market niches. By doing so, all the issues of a conventional marketplace counterpart would be sorted out immediately thanks to the blockchain network.

About Crypto Market Ads marketplace

The marketplace launched by Crypto Market Ads wants to permit publishers to get involved in a market with fair competition, free of charge, and which will help them maintain competitive costs. In short, “Crypto Market Ads is a democratic and decentralized marketplace for crypto and blockchain advertising,” as the project’s founding core team said.

Besides creating a place where marketing and advertising surrounding the crypto and blockchain universe is straightforward, Crypto Market Ads also designed an Internet of goods and services with its marketplace, in which participants can connect in a genuine peer-to-peer ecosystem. Furthermore, Crypto Market Ads marketplace offers the necessary online tools for any participants in the market to have all the instruments they need to perform their tasks in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Crypto Market Ads functions and benefits

At the moment, conventional marketing and advertising marketplaces face lots of issues. Crypto Market Ads marketplace comes to offer a more straightforward platform that puts publishers and advertisers in contact on the same platform which has many advantages, including low costs and the benefits of blockchain network technology. That includes almost instantaneous and secure transactions.

According to the founders of the project, the Crypto Market Ads marketplace comes with the following functions or features:

  • Promote or offer marketing services.
  • Provide consulting services.
  • Buy/Sell services related to existing or new crypto/blockchain projects.

Crypto Market Ads private sale is already ongoing

If you want to participate in the complete crypto marketing and advertising marketplace, you have to take part in the Crypto Market Ads private sale. At the moment, there is also a special offer for newcomers. More specifically, you can now purchase Crypto Market Ads coins with a 50% discount. Accordingly, 1 CMA = $0.005.

Besides, there is also a special offer for the first 999 people who invest at least 3 ETH in the Crypto Market Ads marketplace. These lucky investors will enjoy 0% fees on the market for a lifetime, plus that they will receive a Founder Badge sign on their profiles.

If you want to check out the marketplace before moving on with investment, then you might be happy to know that the Crypto Market Ads marketplace is already available. Also, you should know that the global crypto marketing and advertising market is around $5 billion now, and it is prospected to grow in the following years and even exceed $54 billion by 2021.

If interested in the coin distribution in Crypto Market Ads private sales, here is what the Whitepaper of the project reads:

  • 50% Private Sale & IEO (Crowd Sales)
  • 10% Marketing, bounty, sales, referrals & advisors.
  • 20% Exchanges & reserve.
  • 10% Crypto Market Ads Founders (Lock up one year).
  • 10% of Crypto Market Ads Team members (Lock up one year).

For more details or to keep in touch with Crypto Market Ads, here is how you can do that:

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