OnePlus 7 Pro: Quad HD+ Display and 90hz Refresh Rate

We have all seen how OnePlus has been able to maintain the dual flagship release cycle in the last years – they released a brand new device every six months. However, this might change this year, because the company is releasing a 5G-enabled device, together with OnePlus 7. The latter has new several variants, too, such as the Pro version that comes with great specs.

Specs of OnePlus 7

This device will come with a big upgrade when it comes to the display, with the Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, with the rate of 90Hz. The device will also come with USB 3.1 connectivity, and a battery worth of 4000mAh, with 30W Warp Charge. We will also find three cameras in the back, with wide-angle lens and stereo speakers.

We got this information for a person who is reliable when it comes to the OnePlus leaks.

OnePlus has come with 1080p panels until now, so seeing a QHD+ panel is something significant. This thing should allow the users to get the best experience from Android.

We think that the most important addition is the 90Hz refresh rate. Razer Phone was the first one to get it, but if we are to talk about the mainstream devices, OnePlus 7 Pro will be the first one to come with this feature.

Keep in mind that most of the phones have a 60Hz refresh rate – the screen can refresh up to 60 times every second. With the 90Hz refresh rate, the device will refresh up to 90 times per second. This means you’ll get the best interaction in every app, because the screen dynamically changes the refresh rate — also, better gaming.

If you get a game that comes with 60 frames per second, this will make a huge difference.

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