PlayStation 5 Latest News: Sony’s Upcoming Console Will Come with an SSD

According to some recent news, the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 will use a solid-state drive (SSD). Sony’s newest console hasn’t been officially named yet, but it will most likely be called PlayStation 5. It looks like the Japanese company has started sharing some details about the next console, so let’s take a look at what we should expect from it.

Sony is making a considerable change to the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 will see a huge change, as Sony is changing the system storage of the device from a standard hard drive to a customized solid-state drive. Everyone probably knows that these days SSDs are becoming increasingly more common in laptops and are also used in desktop computers.

Nevertheless, they are not that common in video game consoles. The fact that Sony has decided to use SSDs for its console is excellent news, as this type of drive comes with a couple of advantages.

Advantages of using an SSD for a console

The most important advantage of an SSD has something to do with the load times. This basically means that you will get much faster loading screens with such a drive. Also, since the new hardware will be in fact backward compatible with older games, you can actually expect your load times to be significantly reduced across the board when you upgrade.

But faster loading is not the only change that you will see. The thing is that faster loading can also mean speedier rendering, which means that some games that are known for speed will perform at a faster rate than before.

Another advantage of a solid-state drive is its lack of moving parts, which means that the need for cooling will not be as intense as it used to be. Those of you who already own a console probably know that sometimes the fan might start spinning up at very high speeds, which creates an unpleasant whirring sound. Luckily, this will not happen in the upcoming PlayStation 5 from Sony anymore, if an SSD will be used instead of a standard hard drive.

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